Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pros and Cons of Baby Walkers :Everything a Mom Want to Know about Baby Walkers

There are many advantages of using baby walker. One is to be proud of giving a valuable gift to the babies and the baby will be happy inside it. So if we put the baby in walker then parents can do all the works without any tension. They think that the baby may walk more earlier.

Due to the above reasons when the child reaches the age of 5months the parents’ forced to buy the baby walker for their babies. But they are not even remembered of its side effects caused by these baby walkers. When the number of accidents caused by these walkers the Government of Canada prohibited this in Canada . Read my previous hub on BabyDiapers
Side effects caused by baby walkers.

* The recent studies brought out that children who uses the Baby walker will walk slower that the others. So that there will be a difference of about 2 to 3 weeks.
* Usually the bones above to that of knee help in walking but the child who uses the baby walker is done with the help of the bones below the knees.
* Since the child in the baby walker keeps on walking the tendency of manual walking arises slowly only. So the child may not even get the balance of walking. Hence, they walk later than that of others.
* Many walkers are designed in such a way that the baby cannot see their legs while walking. They cannot even recognize that they walk with the help of their legs.
* The children even show some different mode of walking than that of an ordinary child. The legs of those child are bended than that of an ordinary child. So that the way of walking may change and even becomes difficult to change as that of an ordinary man.
* Within a few time the child can reach wherever he needs with the help of the walker.

So that the other members of the family should be aware of this fact and should not keeps poisonous or any such items to their reach. Dangerous things like knife, needles, pins etc have to be kept safe elsewhere. Items such as sharp-headed furniture, door sides are to be always noted that they are moved from the way of fully opened so that to avoid accidents to the little ones.

By Kevin Peter
Retrieved from http://hubpages.com/hub/Pros-and-Cons-of-Baby-Walkers


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This is a great post. I need to buy a new baby walker for my newborn soon.
Thank for share!

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Thanks for sharing the details of baby walker.

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