Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Know Each & Every Step of Your Child

With in a few weeks after the child is born then they try to move from by stepping in our body. Just like the tendency of walking. But it is just a reflexed action.

When the baby attains age of 5months, we could teach him to stand in the elder peoples legs so that they get a balance to stand. At that time, he starts to crawl up and downwards which becomes their favorite hobby for a few months.

When the child attains the age of 8months then they would try to stand with support to chair or short bed. Just see by keeping a toy near by to that sofa then we can see that the baby moves towards it and takes it off. Then with in a few weeks he would study to stand with a support. Then after that while with a support of one hand, the child moves and take the toys off.

Then with in the period of 9-10 months he will be able to stand and then a new task of sitting to him starts. In this period, the importance of parents is must. Some babies while folding the legs there is a probability of injuries. Most of the children also cries because ones they stand they do not know how to sit. For this, they should be guided to fold their knee and sit slowly.

Then after that when they reaches to the age of 11 months the child with a support or help of some elders start to walk slowly.

1/3rd of the children when attains the 13th month starts to walk without any ones help. It is better to train in plain surface and during this time, and can avoid use children shoes or chapels.

But do not be tensed if the child does not walk or attempts to walk because there are also some who walks even during 17th month. The characters of children do vary from each other. The child whom mostly does not be allowed to be in the floor may walk slowly as they do not attain the balance. The child born before the month also may walk slowly.

After attaining 18 months, the child also starts to walk through the steps; during that attempt parents should have a view on those children. The child should not be allowed to enter the steps when the guardians are not with them. Also during this time, they do dance with the songs from television or from radio.

When he attains the age of 3years, he walks smoothly as well as will run and even jump.

By Kevin Peter
Retrieved from http://hubpages.com/hub/Pros-and-Cons-of-Baby-Walkers


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